XiaoFang from version 0.0.1 to 0.2.0, is it possible?

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I’ve seen that on the last Hassio’s relase (v0.72.0) a component for the Xiaomi Cams is available:

Xiaomi Cameras - multiple models (@vaidyasr - #14244) (camera.xiaomi docs) (new-platform)

Xiaomi Cameras

To do that It’s mandatory to hack to version 0.2.0:
Fang Hacks

Unfortunatly, in the past, I’ve hacked my camera with version 0.0.1, and now i cannot find a way to upgrade to version 0.2.0.
The repo I’ve used is thisone:

Here the status of my camera:


Does anyone know how to help me?

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Flash original firmware then install fang hacks

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I forgot to say before that I’ve tried already to run back on original firmware via SD, but nothing happens… Maybe I’m doing something wrong, it’s not very clear when should I release the reset button while powering.

I believe the issue comes from my xiami camera model, which is a DAfang instead of XIAOfang :frowning:
Means no solution available yet for me…
thanks anyway, we can close this post


I have 2 xiofang cameras. 1 o them has samtap/fang-hacks and the other not.

Now both worksto me because xiofang unlocked mines.

There is a possibility to add the xiaofang that not have samtap/fang-hack firmware into HA?