Xiaomi Air Humidifier speeds

Just have updated to 0.67.1 and glad that Air Humidifier has native support now. But I have a question with its speed list. There are only 3 options in MiHome App: Silent, Medium, High, but HASS shows 6 speeds -
Silent, Favorite, Idle, Medium, High, Strong (I have zhimi.humidifier.v1). And it seems that although there are 6 speeds, only 3 operation modes are possible and they are similar to MiHome App. The biggest question is what speed corresponds with target_humidity option? I mean, what speed should I set to make Humidifier automatically keep humidity around target humidity value?

did you figure this out? I just got one and trying to figure out the dry mode as well as target humidity. The app doesnt show a way to specify target humidity. I see that HA can, but I want to understand the app behavior too.

Afaik, Dry Mode is only for Air Purifier, not Humidifier.
Talking about target humidity - I’m able to see it in the app, 4 small circles with 40%, 50%, etc.
I don’t know how target humidity exactly works, but looks like you should set target humidity and speed, and Humidifier will try to reach and keep target humidity, but speed will be somewhere around one you set up. For Example, if you set up speed to Medium and target humidity to 40%, than if humidity level will be above 40%, Humidifier slows down, to keep it around 40%. Otherwise, if you set up target humidity to 80% and speed to silent, Humidifier will work at silent speed, despite that 80% on silent speed is unreachable. So, think of speed as of noise level and set target humidity to keep humidity level you prefer, Humidifier will do the rest.

So I found out that dry mode is on the humidifier but the slider option is all in Chinese and if you set it to on then it will run for 8 more hours if there is only 10% water left.

As far as the setting the target humidity, I don’t see the 4 small circles. Can you post a screenshot?

Oh, sorry, I’ve installed MiHome app and discovered that it had got an update where those circles of target humidity disappeared… I don’t use MiHome app, so I just haven’t know about update. Strange that Xiaomi removed target humidity. Anyway, it shows that proprietary apps and protocols are doomed)
And about Dry Mode, as I understand your words it’s like economy mode, Humidifier will try to keep working as long as it can?
And what is “trans level” in homeassistant humidifier component?

I would like to improve the Xiaomi Air Humidifier support if possible. Are there any open questions / features?

  • list of speeds. MiHome app has 3 speeds: Silent, Medium, High, while a Home Assistant component shows additional Idle and Favourite speeds, and I don’t know what are they for.
  • what is the Trans Level?
  • how Dry Mode work (if it works for Humidifier)?

Please update your HA instance. This was fixed a month ago. There are two versions of the Air Humidifier around. The zhimi.humidifier.ca1 supports the operation modes Silent, Medium, High and Auto. The zhimi.humidifier.v1 just spports Silent, Medium and High.

The meaning of the property is unknown. The property is used to determine the strong mode is enabled on old firmware.

The dry mode is supported by the zhimi.humidifier.ca1 only. The feature is available (not translated) at the MiHome app. The chinese label tells something like: “Dry mode: The amount of water is not enough to continue to work for about 8 hours.”

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I also noticed that if you set the target humidity in HA, it makes zero difference to the humidifier and will continue to run. At least on the .ca1 version. So creating your own automation based on numeric_state of humidity level is the way to go.

If you set the target humidity does the attribute show the new value after a short period of time?

It shows immediately.

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In this case I assume the Air Humidifier accepts the instruction because the status report of the device provides the new value. May be the firmware of the device is somehow broken and unable to handle the target humidity properly.

Is it possible to overwrite the humidity value from the humidifier with one thats measured trough hass?

Because the value from the device itself isnt very accurate. I want to use another measurement device, but still let the humidifier in “auto”.

Or do I have to create my own automation? If so, any examples?