Xiaomi Air Purifier 3c still missing?

I saw a pull request on the core, and its closed:
Xiaomi Air Purifier 3C support is added by abrilevskiy 路 Pull Request #1 路 abrilevskiy/core (github.com)

But I did not see the Purifier 3C in my Xiaomi Miio app :frowning:

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What does the Xiaomi app has to do with Home Assistant?

Sry for misleading you, I meant the xiaomi-miio integration

Did you follow the instructions as explained in the docs?

Yes of course. But as you can see in the list, the " zhimi.airpurifier.mb4" is not listed.

Describe what you have tried, any messages when you add it? Anything in the log?

I added the 鈥淴iaomi Miio鈥 integration. Then I added the IP and the token of the Purifier.
But the device is not found. And its not in the list鈥