Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro - IP address changed = connection lost


I have a Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro which is working perfectly via the Xiaomi Miio integration.
However the purifier is a DHCP client, so every now and then, when plugged in again for example, the device gets a new IP address from my router.

Whenever this happens the connection is lost in Home Assistant, without auto restore/update.
I then have to update core.config_entries to change the IP address to the new IP address of the device.

Why isn’t this device’s IP updated automatically?

FYI: my router doesn’t allow me to reserve IP’s to specific devices, and in the Xiaomi app you can’t set a static IP for the device.


I have the same problem :frowning:

For me the solution came automatically, so now it is updating automatically.
Don’t know if it’s related to the updates or not, as I didn’t read any mention of it.