Xiaomi Aqara and few question


My apologies if the answear for my questions is easy but i could not find an easy answer.
I have just started my friendship with home assistant and it is already great tool for me even if I use 0.00001% of it’s capabilities.
I have following questions:

  1. How can I set password for home assistant that keeps asking for it? Actually if i log in to hass it keeps me logged, can I set it for only one session to be valid?

  2. Is it possible to add more parameters from one device to show in history graph? I have zigbee power socket and beside on/off state i Would like to see graph of power consumption. Same for other device with let;s say battery level.

  3. Is it possible to display history graph of one device in to states tab?

  4. Is there a way to set automation log in states tab that show particullar event? Lets say door sensor open in form of log with dates? Not in log tab and only for one specific sensor?

  5. I have LG netcast configured, it shows what channel is active and I wonder is it possible to log history of channels? Actually the history is only on/off state.

  6. what does “supported_features” mean? If device have many of them can i somehow discover list of this features?

  7. Is there function for multiple users login? Like set 2 different passwords for 2 different users so one can have less options?

excuse me if questions are obvious, I am not native english speaker so try to not insulty me in some fancy way because I propably will not understand :slight_smile:
Have a nice day!

Hi, I’ll answer a couple of questions I know the answers.

This is possible by using a template sensor: Template - Home Assistant

It is used to inform the web interface about what kind of features a platform supports, so that it can show e.g. a color picker for RGB bulbs. What is shown in the states view is just a numerical representation of a bit field, whose interpretation depends on the component, here is how it’s defined for a light.