Xiaomi Aqara - Button click no action

I have some XIaomi Aqara buttons in place which are linked with an automation. They were working for a really long time, but now for some reason it stopped working. I can hit the button, but nothing happens, although I can see the clicks in the Xiaomi app. My temp sensors from Xiaomi are working in parallel. What could cause that issue and how can I trouble shoot it?

Without logs and automation not really representative… Did u upgrade your bride firmware … NEVER EVER SO THIS!

Here is a topic where you can find more info about it:

a couple of versions ago the event type changed from “click” to “xiaomi_aqara.click”

Maybe it has something to do with this?


Solution! Many thanks. Strange that there was no error…

forgot this renaming :slight_smile: sometimes the solution is rather easier …

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No problem!

Looks like they did update this on the Component page https://www.home-assistant.io/components/xiaomi_aqara/