Xiaomi Aqara Door and Window Sensor update interval problem

Hey everyone,

I have a problem with the update interval of my Aqara Door and Window Sensor.

Because of my ZHWG11LM Hub i had to use the homekit integration mentiened by @Olivier974

So I added it via discovery -> homekit accessory -> Aqara hub. everything works fine.

The 2 Door and Window Sensors are not updating the state properly.

A manual set scan_interval AND the service homeassistant.update_entity are not working.
The state update runs every 60 seconds.

I need an update interval somewhere between 2 and 5 seconds.

Can anyone help please?

Best regards


i dont think it s possible to choose the scan interval.

But normally, the states are update before 60s, my states are report about 10 secondes maximum…

I think you have something that interfer in your hassio installation and slow down the system…

Hope someone can help you, or do a fresh install if nobody can help :wink:


i already did a fresh install. Just have the hub and the 2 sensors running right now…

i think, there is a default value that can not be overwritten, but i can’t find it…

it worked for me for one time, but after adding another component it stopped working. After a fresh installation with the same values it doesn’t work anymore… Strange…

the value is

scan_interval: 3

Hope anybody can help