Xiaomi Aqara Door Window Sensor mounting plate design

Hey folks,

I came up with a clever design to mount my Xiaomi Aqara door window sensors (MCCGQ11LM).
Maybe someone of you can reuse it or get inspired for a similar way of mounting.

Design constraints

  • The need of just one sensor per double window
  • No false positives when window is unintentionally closed by fast air movement
  • slim design, non-disturbing during daily use

3D files
Available on Thingiverse

Parts list

Per double window and sensor you need

  • 1x Xiaomi Door Window Sensor (MCCGQ11LM)
  • 4x Window sensors 01 base plate
  • 1x Window sensors 02 sensor plate
  • 1x Window sensors 03 manget plate
  • 2x one-stranded wire with outer diameter of 2,5mm (I my case 2x 12cm copper NYM 1,5mm²)
  • 2x double-sided sticky tape by the size of 15x33mm (I took the small tesa Powerstrips, enabling me to remove the mounting plates when needed)
  • 1x superglue
  • 1x pair of diagonal cutting pliers


  • clean up prints
  • put wire into the groove of the base plate, with ~0,5cm clearance to the lower end
  • bend the wire to the desired side
  • superglue 2x base plates + 1x wire together
  • bend wire according to your needs
  • attach sensor or magnet mount - in case the whole is a little loose, bend the wire a little; no glue needed
  • check positioning on window handle and correct if needed
  • cut wire to length
  • attach sensor or magnet to mounting plate with the in-box double-sided adhesive pads
  • attach whole mount to window handle
  • automate and enjoy!