Xiaomi Aqara Issue after 2022.10

Hi I have problems with the aqara sensors after updating to 2022.10, the sensors are loaded correctly but when for example I press a button or open / close a door it does not change the status, reinstalling 2022.9 everything works correctly.
I checked the breaking changes and it does not affect anything xiaomi aqara, but by checking I saw that the aqara version of home assistant 2022.10 uses:

PyXiaomiGateway == 0.14.1

the version 2022.9 uses

PyXiaomiGateway == 0.13.4

Has this problem happened to anyone else?

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Yes, I have the same problem: did a fresh install (with working config) of 2022.10. My Xiaomi buttons are detected correctly, but clicks are not seen by HA. Installing 2021.9.7 over it fixed the button-clicks.

Same here!

Same issue for me also

I’m not sure if I will help, but I’d like to add that I have around 20 Aqara devices, between door and motion sensors, but also a few buttons/switches and this are all working just fine, so perhaps you should start looking for other things that might be common between your installations and is not for me.

I’m running HA in a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Conbee II as my zigbee controller and managed by ZHA.

For me the issue is with the sensors that are connected via the Aqara hub (Gateway). I also have some sensors connected to a conbee II using ZHA and they continue to work ok.

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the problem is not the aqara sensors but the aqara integration

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same issue with 2022.10.3

I’m seeing this too, downgrading to 2022.09.x gets them working.

same issue with 2022.10.4

For reference here’s the related issue on Github:

Can confirm 2022.10.5 breaks Xiaomi sensors completely for me, requiring downgrading back to 2022.09.7. Since all security and motion-based lighting sensors in the house rely on this, I cannot upgrade HA while this issue is present, it’s pretty serious for my setup.

Like you, I also always check the breaking changes pre update and unfortunately Xiaomi/Aqara are not mentioned.

I have an issue with the aqara single switch module t1 after upgrade to 2022.10. It is only recognized as a button. It’s useless noe.

Same here for me. I have 3 Xiaomi gateways and over 50 devices connected among them. Upgraded to 2022.10.5 two days ago after checking there are no breaking changes and all devices keep becoming unavailable after some time. Restarting the Xiaomi integration works for a while and the cycle continues. Revert back to 2022.9.7 and everything works fine again. Will stay at 2022.9.7 for now as practically my whole smart home is not working due to sensors not able to trigger automations.

Have another Xiaomi Gateway 3 using the ZHA integration and those devices connected through there continue to work fine.

Update: For those not following the issue at Github, there is a workaround for now if you want to upgrade to greater than 2022.9.7. I have tested now for 16 hrs and all good on 2022.11.0.