Xiaomi Aqara LLKZMK11LM (2 channel relay)


I would like to buy a 2-way aqara relay but I have a question:

Is there the possibility of using only one channel at a time?
(Prohibit the activation of both channels at the same time)
A kind of “XOR”

I saw it is maybe the “Interlock mode” but i’m not sure that is compatible with PiZiGate and ZHA:

(It would be to control the speed of my mechanical ventilation)

Thanks !!

I bought 1 relay to test, i’ll tell you

I received it, it doesn’t works.
I opened issue:

Hello, sorry I am new to home assistant and I am looking to set up this interlock function on ZHA for my aqara relay. Can you please detail me the setting up of this function? Thanks in advance!