Xiaomi Aqara No Gateway Discovered when running Hass.io in VM

Hi all,

I have Hass.IO running on a RPI3 with everything working properly. I wanted to move my setup to a VM on a stronger machine to speed things up.
I hit a bump with getting the Xiaomi Aqara gateway connected to HomeAssistant when running in the VM.
I’m running Hass.IO in docker using the instructions here under “Install on Generic Linux Server”. This is on a Virtual Box VM running Ubuntu.
I have a single Xiaomi Gateway for which I specified the Host property in the configuration to the Gateway’s IP.
The logs end up showing that no gateway is discovered (no matter how many tries are attempted).

I suspect this is related to the network configuration I have but not sure what exactly is causing the failure. My VM is unfortunately not running in Bridged mode because of an issue doing this with my router (Google Wifi). So I’m forced to run my VM behind a NAT on the host machine. I’ve configured port forwarding through the NAT for accessing HA but nothing additional.

Does something else need to be open for communicating with the GW ? Any ideas?


pretty sure you need to run with network mode = host for discovery to work

Probably right… Do you know where I can specify this when running through the Hass.IO installation scripts ?

Do you manage to get it working?

Unfortunately not… Didn’t see where the container is started but I also haven’t looked hard…I currently have a set up working on the PI until i have time to figure this out… or someone else comes up with the answer :slight_smile:

thanks. bad news then, i tried hassio on docker. but a get components that wont load, everything works on a rpi3, just that is slow


I’m having same issue running Hassio in Ubuntu 18 in Docker, running on Proxmox

Any news?

I see that in Portainer in the Container homeassistant/qemux86-64-homeassistant the network is host and in the hassio_supervisor Container I have bridge and hassio networks.

Maybe another option to add to the docker container is --user 0 that should run as root, but I don’t know how to add to the actual container via Portainer or via CLI.

Any suggestion?