Xiaomi/Aqara sensor with both deCONZ and Xiaomi Home app

I have a simple question: If I pair my Xiaomi/Aqara sensors with a Conbee Zigbee stick via deCONZ, will I still be able to connect them at the same time with a Xiaomi Gateway and see these sensors in my Xiaomi Home app ?
From what I have read, I need to reset the sensors so they can pair with the Zigbee stick. If I perform this operation once again to pair them again with the Xiaomi Gateway, can the Zigbee stick get the data as well ? Or is it only possible to pair the sensor with a single gateway ?
Thanks for your input!

A Zigbee device can only be paired with one coordinator. The Conbee stick is a coordinator, the Xiaomi Gateway is a coordinator. So it can’t be done.

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