Xiaomi/Aqara sensors and update times


I have a HA installation with a lot of zwave, wifi and HomeKit devices … but I want to add a lot of window/door sensors and a few motion sensors and a cheap solution for that is buy all from Xiaomi/Aqara and integrate with HA, but I have a doubt about this integration, the state changes from xiaomi/aqara sensors are notificated to HA in “push” (inmediatly) or there is a delay between the change of state (this will be unusable for example if I desire use motion sensors for turn on lights).

Thanks for your support!

I use the xiaomi/aqara motion sensors to turn lights on and they are instant. I don’t use the window and door sensors but assume they would be the same. I also use the round buttons to trigger lights and automations and they are also instant

Also instant here!

Thanks very much for your answer!