Xiaomi / aqara sensors

Do the xiaomi / aqara door & motion sensors send periodic updates? Or only when motion / contact is made?

They do not send periodic updates. There’s currently a bug, and after a power cut you need to move in front of the PIRs otherwise they’ll be reported as having movement in HASS (not in the Xiaomi app)

but saying that they are cracking sensors. The fastest motion detectors I own and the door sensors… wow :slight_smile:

How is the range of the transmission?
Do you miss events due to range issues?

In other words, how reliable are they?

Extra question:

Do they work with the Ikea Tradfri hub?

its better to have multiple Hubs to make sure good range

agreed…I have 1 upstairs and 1 down stairs and the range then is great.

It’s good to know that they respond quickly.

I’m tempted to get a Conbee and a bunch of Aqara sensors, instead of spending lots on Hue motion sensors to go with my v1 bridge.

According to https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/wiki/Supported-Devices the Aqara motion sensors also provide light and temperature sensing. Is that really the case?

There are differences in the motion sensors. Be aware of that.

Great, thank you. I had seen the different types and wondered if that was relevant.

Now that I think about temperature sensing though… I don’t think I’d want a temperature sensor up high in the corner of a room :slight_smile:

The Aqara motion sensor does not detect temperature. At least, I’ve not seen it listed anywhere except the wiki you linked to.

No problem, thank you for the clarification. Now have a few on order, along with a Conbee in the post :slight_smile: