Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch (Wireless)

I recently purchased a bunch of Xiaomi Aqara switches and sensors, along with a gateway. The body (motion) sensor seems to be working flawlessly in HA, as is the round wireless switch. Although my double wall switches (WXKG02LM) are recognized by Home Assistant (and are reporting battery status), none of them have ever successfully registered a click/double click/long press. This is after a fresh reinstall of Hassbian, with everything up-to-date AFAIK. Home Assistant log files don’t have anything useful… it doesn’t seem to be receiving the messages at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Hassbian w/Home Assistant 0.57.3
Aqara firmware 1.4.1_150.0143
Xiaomi WXKG02LM Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version

I use the Smart Push Button Switches, and they never show as being activated on and off, long press does show, but when set up an automation using the click function it works fine.

It is not supposed to change state if you click or double click.

If you enable logging for the xiaomi binary sensor, you will see the event in the log

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Thanks for letting me know about the logging config. Somehow I missed that, and it’s going to prove invaluable.

I somehow managed to get things working by simply removing the switches from the gateway via the iOS app and then adding them again. All of a sudden the clicks started registering. Appreciate the help!