Xiaomi aqara vibration sensor without xiaomi gateway?


is there a way yet to use xiaomi aqara vibration sensor without xiaomi gateway ? i.e. via conbee usb key or similar ?


yes, you can use a conbee or raspbee with deconz and that will get you going.



Just noticed https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/748 that indicates vibration sensor does not yet work ? Is that outdated ?


I am using the vibration sensor, with a raspbee and deconz, just make sure you you are using the lastest version of Deconz and have upgraded to the latest firmware for the conbee/raspbee.


I integrated Aqara water leakage sensors in my HA installation without any Xiaomi gateway.
I found out that zigbee2mqtt works better than deCONZ with conbee or raspbee.


mauog your raining on my parade, lol. What did you notice that zigbee2mqtt does better or what are the advantages of zigbee2mqtt?


@TinyDoT I found less problem pairing devices and zigbee2mqtt takes less resources than deconz (I used containers for both).
Because I use a ‘headless’ Pi, the UI of deconz, which could be interesting, was completely useless.
Then I can also use also bluetooth on my Pi that I had to disable using raspbee.


@mauog now you have done it, I just might have to start another project and play with zigbee2mqtt, the only thing I would hate is setting up all of my sensors again and modifying all the automatons. If I do this and I like zigbee2mqtt better and switch over, i’m coming after you. Thanks for the info. : )


From my experience, the range of the cc2531 zigbee device is very limited when using zigbee2mqtt and flashing of hardware is cumbersome.


Hi @TinyDoT, could you please past your HA configuration?

I’m trying to setup the Vibration with Deconz, It’s paired but in HA appears only the battery level.

@Robban, maybe you can help me here :slight_smile: How can I get the motion event from Vibration sensor using deconz?


afaik, the sensor only emits events - just like a button. therefore, it will not show up in HA like other devices. You can write automations though. Check the HA logs for the events then you’ll see.

In automations the trigger will look something like this:

  - event_data:
      event: 1002
      id: xiaomi_smart_button
    event_type: deconz_event
    platform: event

This is from one of my buttons though. Vibrations might be indicated slightly differently.


I hadn’t any problem with the flashing procedure it worked like a charm. What kind of problem did you face?
About the range I can’t help much because I haven’t tested it enough far.


I don’t have one myself lf but it is also events just like remotes


Check example above for button. Event is 1007 for vibration.
Id is found by checking the dev pane, look for the entity id for sensor battery level which you yourself already have found. Its attribute will have an event_id.


@Ulisses_Nogueiran I used Node-Red to detect the event, then setup some timers, and if the event was not seen again after so many minutes. I update a binary sensor in Home Assistant, and from that trigger I send a notification.


when you say “dev pane” here - what are you actually referring to ?


finally got around getting to latest version of deconz - had to fork https://github.com/neffs/hassio-addons and fix it to get latest for hassio.

But what now - I now can see I’m getting events like the following on the event bus:

{"id": 22, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "deconz_event", "data": {"id": "lumivibrationaq1_4", "event": 1007}, "origin": "REMOTE", "time_fired": "2019-01-11T00:43:36.305467+00:00", "context": {"id": "928c44b207b34214b8211a2fd5d3428c", "user_id": null}}}
{"id": 22, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "deconz_event", "data": {"id": "lumivibrationaq1_44", "event": 1007}, "origin": "REMOTE", "time_fired": "2019-01-11T00:44:12.764432+00:00", "context": {"id": "42420f773da0444cbdaa1f778e8ca39c", "user_id": null}}}
{"id": 22, "type": "event", "event": {"event_type": "deconz_event", "data": {"id": "lumivibrationaq1_44", "event": 1009}, "origin": "REMOTE", "time_fired": "2019-01-11T00:44:20.275431+00:00", "context": {"id": "c405557676f14d0e8264e3d0f2f588f3", "user_id": null}}}

Any docs for what these event types and names refer to ? I would have expected to get some movement/tilt values - not just “hey I moved”.

I have 3 sensors but how do I them to have sane names in here rather than these random ids ? (also - everywhere in phoscon ui they have the sensible names I gave them :slight_smile:


The values are:

  • 1007 - shake;
  • 1008 - drop;
  • 1009 - tilt.


Thanks @WhistleMaster unfortunately that isn’t very useful without actual values for how much its tilted. as I understand it with the xiaomi gateway it reports the actual degrees/rotation so I might try getting that since deconz seem not updating their integration ;/


I think that is on a todo for deconz. Go show your interest in deconz GitHub and they might prioritise getting it done