Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch D1

Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch D1 supports 3 buttons that can be integrated into the Xiaomi ecosystem by connecting to Xiaomi Aqara Gateway. Unfortunately, it is not recognised by hass. Hope that support to this device will be available soon.

Yeah, just tried it won’t show up.
Hope it work soon as this is the only Xiaomi Non Neutral that can be install here.

Hey Oscar. Wanted to check with you if you are connecting the D1 switch over the Aqara hub or you connected it directly to HA over zha?

It’s connected to Xiaomi Aqara Hub.

Oh okay. I see. I’m thinking of getting the D1 switch as well but connecting it over zha instead of over the Aqara hub. But now sure if that would work or not


It should work. You may refer to the above link. :slight_smile:

Thanks Oscar! Just got my switches. N they work perfectly fine.:blush:

Is that a way we can capture info and contribute to the code to make Xiaomi Gateway + HA works?
Or this is a limitation at what the gateway can expose for it to work with HA?

Hi… Can i confirm you use ZHA and the 3 rocker switch is recognized and working? Thanks in advance.

Yup. Tested with ZHA for the 3 rocket switch and its working fine.

Thanks for the reply and confirmation.

I have the 2 botton wireless version of the D1.
Connected with the xiaomi hub, ha sees the switch but only 1 button?

Update: replaced the xiaomi hub with a
Conbee 2 stick and everything works fine.

Hi Oscar! Did you get the D1s working with HA yet?

Same as you i’m using the aqara gateway to connect my switches.

Hi Mic, I have not tried D1 further. I use an old 2 button switch, and use one button to control two devices instead. Not ideal but works with HA at least.

I’m going to try to follow this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc_HGvrOxp8&t=88s

Already ordered the SONOFF Zigbee CC2531 USB Dongle, hope this will work with the D1.

Use this custom component.

Supports a lot more of Xiaomi/Aqara devices including the D1 switch 3-gang, even Bluetooth and BLE devices (locks, sensors).

I was in the same boat, no Zigbee stick (only the Xiaomi Gateway 1) and no support for the D1 Smart Wall Switch, I can always use the 1st gen Aqara but I had this single 3 gang switch that I couldn’t replace and there were no compatible options.

I’m happy to say that I went out and bought a Xiaomi Gateway 3 and works like a charm. Additionally I had no BLE anymore as I switched to Hyper-V from a Raspberry Pi, and I had a bunch of Xiaomi Temperature Sensors with screens (squared and rounded ones). It was a nice surprise to see them working again, just for 20USD which is what the Xiaomi Gateway cost me.

Installation straightforward: configure via Mi Home app, launch the Xiaomi Gateway 3 configuration (it retrieves the Tokens for you), install the HACS component, configure component (IP and Token), and that’s it!
All Zigbee, bluetooth and BLE working right away!
Make sure to check on the box the manufactured date as later ones than 2020-10 might not be compatible or require soldering.

Additionally you can use as a ZHA stick but then you lose then you lose the Mi Home app usability.

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I’ve just used AlexxIT/XiaomiGateway3 with a XiaomiGateway3 and my D1 Switch 3-gang can now be integrated into HASS! It works like a charm.

I switched to a ConBee II usb and everything works fine. 2 buttons, short press, double press and battery power status.

Hi everyone. For those still lost. It works! You need the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Multi-Mode Gateway ZNDMWG03LM.

Hass recognizes automatically as HomeKit Controller. Aqara D1 is now working - i have triple rockers. 6 switches and rewiring of my lines have not gone to waste!


Can anyone confirm a query I have on the D1 wireless?

Does it have a back panel that I could screw on to a standard UK back box?

My thinking is to join live and switched live in box and then cover with D1 to control smart bulbs?

Many thanks