Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Wall Switch - Anyone using them?

Mine is the 240v 50Hz with neutral line.

What zigbee hub do you use?

I’m using a Conbee USB stick.

If you actually connect these switches to xiaomi hub or aqara hub they have built in sensors that reads power usuage. I use them through the xiaomi hub however due to the hub’s restriction I can’t get the sensors reading. But I rmb reading somewhere that you are able to do so since you are using a custom zigbee hub.

Be aware that in China they also use the CE logo with a slightly different font type for something that is called “China Export” which has nothing to do with European Certification. Probably you should consider that as not certified at all :joy:

I use and love the wireless ones combined with Hue light bulbs. However, Beware if you are rebooting HA when the wife wants to turn a light on/off ! :wink:

Just happened to me now.

Out of the blue, lights started blinking on and off, then smelled burning plastic coming out one of the switches. (Although recently, we had some power outages, and one of the lines on the main power line had a fuse blown out so we had uneven power for a few minutes)

Just wanted to post this to inform. I’m not all that worried though since I have more that about 40 of these switches installed throughout the home with about half being at least 2 years old. So far, counting this switch, I had about 3 fail on me. Although the other 2 just plain did not work any more.

Still wondering about what other thing might have caused this, other than the recent power outages. Might be also that i have a short on the line to my ceiling lights, or some of the led drivers are starting to fail as well.

In which country do you live? Just to know the standard voltage in your country.
Thank you in advance.