Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Wall Switch - Anyone using them?


I am currently using Sonoff’s in behind my existing wall switches for control of my lighting, however I have had to replace 3 of them since installation and the random turn on’s at the start (rectified with resistor) has made them an enemy of the wife. I want to find a more reliable stable type solution and thought of replacing my wall switches with xioami ones is anyone out there using them and can give me any idea of how well they integrate with HA and if they just work as a switch was intended whilst also allowing me automation.

There are a few options from a quick search I’m guessing the cheaper wifi option looks to only turn on a xiaomi light bulb which is not suitable as I have different bulbs some smart some not. Is anyone using the variant the has neutral and earth lines also?


I am using four xiaomi zigbee wall switches (two are doubles), they are the type which only requires the live line. They can be used just like any other wall switch, but you can also switch them and read their state from home assistant.

I also have xiaomi motion detectors and use automations to turn some of the lights on when entering a room at night time and then turn then back off after motion stops. Another automation turns some of the lights on at sunset.

They were a little deeper than the original switches so you do need some room to fit them. They are very high quality and have been in use for nearly a year and during that time they have performed faultlessly.


I’ve installed one a few weeks ago (double switch, just live terminals) as a test and ordered another which has just arrived.

Works perfectly for what I need. Means that even if HA fails, the wife can still work a light as normal.

HA reads the state of the switch like anything else, so you can work your automation around that.
I have one switch which is wired to the ceiling lights and the other which isn’t wired to anything (so the relay is active but the live doesn’t go anywhere). That second one turns on 2 Hue bulbs and a Xiaomi Philips bulb.

As always with Xiaomi - good quality products.


@apmillen, @MartinB thanks for your feedback I have a lot of xiaomi products already just wanted to get some confidence from the community that they where reliable. Cheers now just need to find a wall switch replacement for the 3 speed fan.


I have wired my whole house with xiaomi switches. Also using wireless switches, temperature, leak and motion sensors. 26 devices in all. Never had a single issue with the gateway or Home Assistant response is instant. Have firewall rule to stop xiaomi gateway “phoning home”


@jimpower Have you seen the Sonoff iFan02?

No idea if it’s any good, but there might be some potential there.


Same here, gateways have always been rock solid after changing wifi to work around the zigbee channels. i have 50 odd Xiaomi devices and apart from 1 which no matter what i do plays up (thinking duff device) they perform well


Any of you guys here from Australia? I’m wondering how these fit with existing holes in the wall. Do the screw holes line up?

I’m thinking of maybe getting some of these or maybe just go the wireless ones. I’m yet to decide.


I’ve been using those switchs for about 8 months now. And half of them are broken. As I reserched for those kind of issues aparently they say u can only use this switchs in china, otherwise they dont take accountability for it. I’m using it in Brazil, and the only difference to the chinese power grid is the frequency, if u live in a country with smilar power grid specs as china I belive you would be good to go. Otherwise forget about it. On of them exploded in my daughter room.


Considering your power runs at 127/220V 60Hz and these switches are rated 220V/50Hz.

Good reminder to everyone not to mess with the electric lines if you don’t entirely know what you’re doing and atleast consult a professional first.


Personally I wouldn’t put non rated/certified devices inside my wall. The picture above form @Paulo_Victor_Ervedos looks very scary!!! I certainly do not want to have a fire start inside my wall and burn the house down! I’ve recently swapped all my Sonoff’s behind my switches to the new CE certified ones.



Could you expand on the new CE Certified ones?