Xiaomi Aqare Magic Cube - won't respond

Got a few Xiaomi home products.
Overall works really wel.

Got the gateway and a door sensor set up.

But the Magic Cube (the cherry on the cake) won’t respond.
I’ve added the Cube through the Mi Home app.

I see the binary sensor in developer tools - entities;
‘binary_sensor.cube_158d000269e292’ the status is ‘off’.
Can set it to ‘on’ manually, but after restart it switches back to ‘off’.
Don’t know if that’s an issue though, cause the door sensor also reads ‘off’.

Wrote an automation for the Cube:

    - alias: Increase brightness
      - platform: event
        event_type: cube_action
          entity_id: binary_sensor.cube_158d000269e292
          action_type: rotate
      - service: light.turn_on
        entity_id: light.gateway_light_7811dcb8c9ba
          brightness: >
              {% set suggested = states.light.gateway_light_7811dcb8c9ba.attributes.brightness|int + 31 %}
              {% if suggested < 200 %}
              {{ suggested }}
              {% else %}
              {% endif %}

If I manually call the automation, it works.
Somehow it isn’t responding to any of the ‘states’ (rotate, tap and so forth)
Also, the battery level is rapidly depleting.
Been using it for 1 evening, it dropped from 70% to 27%.

Does anybody have an idea? / encountered same issues?
Thanks in advance!

Aah just read that the Aqara Cube isn’t supported :confounded:

There are 2 versions; Mi and Aqara, only the Mi works.
Aqara doesn’t send actions to HA.

I think both are supported with Deconz

Aah ok…read a bit about it, thanks for the suggestion.
For now i’ve ordered an (original) mi cube on Ali express.