Xiaomi battery life

Anybody ever come across any Xiaomi door/window reed sensors which drain their batteries REALLY quickly? Like within a week or two? I have about five door/window sensors, three of which are still on their original batteries and keep trucking along, while two just seem to eat batteries?! Any ideas?

Ask for a refund, send it back :slight_smile:.

I’ve been using different kind of Xiaomi sensors, which are working 1,5 years without any quick discharge of my batteries.

I have three (1 month old), they are still at 100%.

I have several xiomi sensor and most of them are working for over a year now.

The only sensor with a shorter battery lifespan is the thermometer in the freezer. But I am not surprised that this battery doesn’t last so long as the other batteries.

Thanks. Sounds like I’ve got a couple of duds, somehow

I’ve been monitoring the Xiaomi reed sensor with a battery sensor in HA and day by day it’s losing a couple of percent. No wonder I’ve been getting such short lifespans out of the sensors. Problem is, the Xiaomi seller isn’t even reading my attempts at communication! It’s the Mi smartHome Store. AliExpress themselves aren’t interested because it’s outside of the fifteen day arrival/return window. Caveat emptor!
There seems to be no Skype contact details for this seller so I’m stuffed, I think. :frowning: