Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 brightness issue

I have a weird (?) bug with my Bedside Lamp 2… I have it connected as Home Kit, because HA can’t find it from my Yeelight account. And this is where the brightness thing happens… The lamp itself seems to be darker when using any of the “color” schemes as opposed to “whites”, and HA seems to only communicate in RGB with it, because when I pick white balance and play with white temperature, the light gets pretty dark… When I launch my yeelight app and pick white palette, the brightness goes back to normal. I can turn it on and off, and change brightness from HA and everything is fine, but when I touch white color balance, it gets dark.

My FW version os 2.1.7_0047.

Worth to mention, that when I change white temp via Google Home, it doesn’t get dim.

So, since I got HASS lately, and I found yeelight plugin there, I also decided to try that one out. And an interesting thing happened - changing white balance in that doesn’t mess up the brightness, but it lacks color controls, so I’m stuck between 2 entities if I want complete control over that lamp.