Xiaomi binary sensor switch stop working in automation

Hello coders

I have problem with Xiaomi binary sensor switch (1st.gen).

I have two switches and both stop working today (maybe last day)…

I see switches in dashboard but my 2 automations stop working…

First switch toggle my LED light (its a sonoff tasmota switch - this switch work perfect alone) and second switch toggle light on Xiaomi base…

THIS is automation script:

  • id: ‘******************’
    alias: Toggle kuchyna_led
    • event_data:
      click_type: single
      entity_id: binary_sensor.switch_158d00023d0bfc
      event_type: click
      platform: event
      condition: []
    • data:
      entity_id: switch.kuchyna_led
      service: switch.toggle

and this is log :
DEBUG (Thread-3) [xiaomi_gateway] MCAST (report) << {‘cmd’: ‘report’, ‘model’: ‘switch’, ‘sid’: ‘158d00023d0bfc’, ‘short_id’: 49918, ‘data’: ‘{“status”:“click”}’}

Both binary sensor switch worked perfect but I dont know why stop working :frowning:
Any helps ?

Read the breaking changes for 0.83.x You need to prefix the click type

Thanks a lot sparkydave :slight_smile: