Xiaomi button click event is fired three times


I just added a new Button (2nd gen) to the Xiaomi gateway and when I click the button home assistant is firing the click event three times. In the Mi Home app the log is telling me the button is pressed once. Any ideas?

I only have one button.

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No one that has any clue what is going on here? :slight_smile:

Same here, only mine is firing 2 events!!

whats in the event object?

Okey, this is weird… I tried to construct my node-red flow again to see what is in the event object and pressed the button… The event is now fired once… Outrageous! It is solved somehow… Maybe the update to 0.87 did it…

Yeah, that could be the case. Have you tried holding the button? Maybe it’s related to holding it. Either way, there are ways to filter multiple presses if you ever need to.

Jups, tried that indeed back then.

ooh, how would you do that? :slight_smile:

You’d have to build a trigger off the event, then assert that the event hasn’t occurred in the last x seconds through conditions. It would be quite challenging. That way, only the first press would get noticed, the second and 3rd press would get suppressed.


I know this topic is old, but just in case someone ends up here with same issue (just like I did today)
I figured out the Deconz integration was loaded twice in my HA integrations with the exact same devices, entity, etc

I just disabled one of the two integrations and it solved my issue of multiple events fired.
Hope this helps.