Xiaomi Buttons (WXKG01LM) & smartthings - feasibility check

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Hi there,

I’m hoping to reach out to someone with a similar setup to mine to advise if I’m trying to do something that isn’t possible…

I have a Xiaomi Button (WXKG01LM), paired with smartthings. I receive single button pushed and held but not double, triple etc presses. I checked the events being seen by home assistant and they look sensible, in that they report the pushed and held but when I trigger the others although the samsung app shows double / triple only a single push is reported to (or interpreted by) HA.

All the information I’ve seen thus far leaves me to believe this should work and be possible, does anyone else have this issue?

I’m using the V1.3 code for the original Xiaomi button and below is the typical event resulting from a double or single press:

“event_type”: “smartthings.button”,
“data”: {
“component_id”: “main”,
“device_id”: “xxxx”,
“location_id”: “yyyy”,
“value”: “pushed”,
“name”: “Button BF”,
“data”: {}
“origin”: “LOCAL”,
“time_fired”: “2019-12-15T17:25:00.755440+00:00”,
“context”: {
“id”: “zzzz”,
“parent_id”: null,
“user_id”: null

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Did you figure this out?

nope, just using single and long press events only. shame really :frowning:

I REALLY need to figure this out too bc I have the

  • ST Button
  • Xiaomi Button
  • Sylvania Dimmer
  • 2 Aqara Magic Cubes,

ALL which have the same issue! I have posted in both ST & HA. I really think that it must be something missing in the ST DTH… if the DTH would output individual “Values”, rather than “Data”, then HA could pickup the individual event action. I’ve posted around (https://community.home-assistant.io/t/xiaomi-buttons-cube-events/185435), but no help yet! :pensive:

My plan to fix was to get the Xiaomi gateway, I’m expecting that to support everything… unfortunately, I order it just before all hell broke loose, so I’ll be lucky to get it this side of summer.

I actually ordered the Mi Gateway and sensors, - which just got here after only 6 days from Aliexp (Mi-Online Store)! To be fair I placed a pretty large order and wrote to the seller who agreed to $22 flat rate express shipping for the entire order, and in the end I still saved a ton! BUT I was sent the Aqara Gateway!!! Hence why I’m scrambling to find another solution rather than returning/waiting :pensive: I have found some other Device Handlers which are giving me more with the Xiaomi Sensors both in ST & HA - but no real progress with the buttons/cube etc.

You should check out the Mi Connector from ST dev. I haven’t personally used it (only bc I do not have the Gateway), but the interface looks amazing! Please keep me posted on your progress! I’ll do the same! Best of luck!

Did anyone resolve this. I only get a battery value sent through from ST? I get no events firing through unlike you.

Hi did you get this working? I have the same issue only recieve battery info.


I did’nt. I’m trying to move onto Zigbee2Mqtt but feel like stamping on the lot!
Sorry I cant help.

I’ve just worked it out :slight_smile: are you using Node-RED?