Xiaomi Camera

Hi @marcelhoffs can I ask you about your Xiaomi Camera and how you have connected it to HA? Thanks.

I bought the Xiaomi Xiaofang camera (the cube: https://www.banggood.com/nl/Xiaomi-XiaoFang-1080P-110-F2_0-WiFi-IP-Camera-Night-Vision-8X-Zoom-p-1095214.html)
Hacked it as such: https://github.com/samtap/fang-hacks
Plugged it into HA with Synology Surveillance station

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I just read about this camera and apparently it doesn’t work in Europe and America.

Are you from Europe or America? Or did the hack make the camera work in your region?

And even more annoyingly Gearbest wont even ship it to EU countries :frowning:
As far as I have read there is no problem to use the device in EU/USA, just means you need to use china as region in the xiaomi app…

Aliexpress are delivering it to EU/America. I wanted to find out after hacking it would the mic and speaker system still work as normal?

Or would I just be better off getting a cheap IP camera?

I’ve hacked mine and it works well in mjpeg but rtsp fails a lot… and the night vision is very poor… in my opinion of course.