Xiaomi Cloud Vacuum Map Extractor

255 is 1.0 :slight_smile:

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I am having a similar error on my end with similar log entries.

Started about 3 weeks ago (worked great for months before that) and tried uninstalling and reinstalling and adjusting the config.yaml entry but no luck. S4 Max user.

And how is rotate measured:

  1. counter-clockwise
  2. clockwise


I guess it is (1)…

Yes, it’s counter-clockwise

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@Duha @homebot
Do you have vacuum: entry in configuration.yaml?

I am quite a new person in this topic - please tell where I could make a mistake.

Task - show a Roborock S50 map on a floorplan.
Here is a card with a floorplan:

      - type: custom:decluttering-card
        template: decl_plot_plot_2d
          - ...
          - MAP_NEW_ELEMENTS:
              - type: image
                camera_image: camera.xiaomi_cloud_map_extractor
                  top: 50%
                  left: 50%
                  transform: translate(-50%,-50%) scale(1,1)

The flooplan itself is done by some decluttering-card, then the camera image with a Xiaomi cloud map is added as one more image element.
The key points are top, left & scale.

By default the Xiaomi cloud map comes with these attributes:

      scale: 1
      rotate: 0
        top: 0
        bottom: 0
        left: 0
        right: 0

The result is below:

Then we need to trim & rotate the image.
The element in a red circle is supposed to be moved to the left top corner of the floorplan.

To trim, the following steps are made:

  1. The picture above was opened in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. The picture is cropped, only map is left:
  3. First set image width = 1000px, then measure left & top margins by a “Ruler” tool:
    right 302px, left 272px
  4. Then set image height = 1000px, then measure top & bottom margins by a “Ruler” tool:
    bottom 308px, top 233px

Then edit the camera properties (with colors changed):

      scale: 3 #avoid blurred picture
      rotate: 90 ## counter-clockwise
        top: 23 ### i.e. rounded 233/1000
        bottom: 31
        left: 27
        right: 30
      color_map_outside: [0, 0, 0, 0]
      color_map_wall: [0, 255, 0, 85]
      color_path: [255, 255, 255, 127]
      color_charger: [246,178,107]
      color_robo: [255, 0, 0]
      color_scan: [0, 255, 0, 30]

And then a Lovelace card:

      - type: custom:decluttering-card
        template: decl_plot_plot_2d
          - ...
          - MAP_NEW_ELEMENTS:
              - type: image
                camera_image: camera.xiaomi_cloud_map_extractor
                  top: 49.2%
                  left: 58.4%
                  transform: translate(-50%,-50%) scale(2.38,2.42)

The result is below:


  1. Is it normal that “walls” in the vacuum’s map do not coincide with actual walls? (basically the plot is 99% correct). BTW, this is why I had to use different scaleX, scaleY for scaling.
  2. I realized that the color_scan property stands for “inside” color; it is specified in the Docs that this property is “Areas not assigned to any room (for software with rooms support)”. But also I used the color_map_wall which is “Walls (for software without rooms support)”. So it is “with support” vs “without support”, where could be a mistake?
  3. The main question - what will happen when I start the Roborock again, will it redraw the map? Or will it keep same map, same proportions - i.e. I will not have to tune my pictures once again?

My next step is to add a Xiaomi Vacuum Interactive Map Card on this floorplan. Have no idea what problems I will face then…

  1. Yes, vacuums are not 100% accurate
  2. It is just a matter of description, it might differ between software versions
  3. It depends on your vacuum, but in most cases it should keep the same map and just update the path (probably only gen 1 vacuums do not save map)

Roborock S50.
In Mi Home (iOS) during a new cleaning it displays the previously generated map and the current new path.
I have a doubt since yesterday I did the same “tuning” and lost everything when started a new cleaning.
May be that was a glitch…

Also, what about the whole my approach - was it correct?

I have the same model and it works like a charm (you have to enable map saving in vacuum’s settings in Xiaomi Home app).

Yes, very nicely done :+1: I plan to add possibility to overlay map over any image in future releases of Map Extractor :slight_smile:

PS new (veeeeery big) release of the Map Card coming really soon :wink:

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Great, looking forward to it!
Very incredible work!

Here you have a little sneak peek of a new version of a Map Card :wink:

No I don’t everything was added through integrations in HACS. Looks like the manual configuration asks for the vacuum: entry?

No, it is not related to extractor. Does the map appear sometimes?

After starting a clean the map lost - all my tunings are lost…
The map seems to start rebuilding from a scratch.

In the robot I enabled the “Store the map” feature - I hoped that my map will be saved but it is not, is it normal?
“Rotate” angle was even changed.
Before I started zone cleaning - the map was the same (i.e.did not vanish) but the zone rectangle was displayed on the map even after finishing & HA reboot, could not remove it, was it normal?
The dock was not moved.

Then AGAIN spent some time for “tuning” the map, then started a zone clean (only one room) - and AGAIN the map shifted.

I am officially tired of this. Seems that the map cannot be used along with a floorplan since it gives an erratic angle & shifts…

No it only shows the blue screen with the “Failed to retrieve map from vacuum” text.

I have “map storing” turned on since day 1 and my map hasn’t moved in 2 years

Map has to be uploaded to the cloud by the vacuum and your vacuum seems to be unhappy with a command that tells it do do that

May be there is some small nuance I have not got yet…

What I did ~2 hours ago:

  1. After completion of the last zoned cleaning (when the map was badly scaled & shifted again) I “tuned” again the map (i.e. map is properly positioned with respect to the Picture elements card with my floorplan).
    The “tuning” means:
  • editing the camera map object properties (along with using Configuration → Server controls → YAML configuration reloading → XIAOMI_CLOUD_MAP_EXTRACTOR tool) - particularly rotate, trim;
  • editing the Picture elements card with my floorplan - particularly left, top, scale.
  1. Then by using the “Lovelace Xiaomi Vacuum Map card” I selected a zone (by mouse), chose “Zoned cleanup” & pressed “Start”.

  2. Then moved to the HA page with floorplan + map (probably pressed F5).

  3. Then I realized that the map shifted again.

Is there any possible reasons of this behaviour?

BTW, I opened Mi Home (iPad) and the previously generated map is used, the path is painted above it. So it seems that the map is memorized in the robot.

Hm I’m not sure why it would have stopped working after working for so long?

Edit: IP changed on vacuum… after adjusting the host IP everything works great.
Thanks for your assistance and for all your hard work on this project.


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I think that you should wait for your vacuum to learn your map (do some full cleanups after enabling map storing), it shouldn’t change afterwards.

Well, that explains a lot :smiley:

Hey @3_14 , thanks for your greate support here.
I have since a few days the following “hint”: two factor auth required (see logs)

2021-11-08 22_27_56-Window

I understand what Vacuum Map Extractor like to tell me, but logs don’t show me anything. (settings → logs). If I remeber corret, there is no option to activte the two factor auth. in Vacuum Map Extractor. A few days ago, there was everthing fine and no message or problems.

Could you assist me?