Xiaomi Companion Gateway 3

Hello everybody,

I have bought the Xiaomi Air cond companion (Gateway 3). But I can’t connect with it. My configuration.yaml as everything that I need:

  discovery_retry: 10
    - mac:
      key: thekeyofthegateway

My hass version and message error:

Any idea?

It’s listed as an unsupported device. But there seems to be a custom component for it.

Thanks for the reply! :grinning:

I’m not sure if this solution are going to give me the access to the information of the associated sensors, because this is my first objective. I knew that Air companion is an unsupported device, but I thought that only the climate control, not the Gateway function :thinking:

Anyway, I’m going to try!

Thanks! That works, but I can’t see the sensors… any idea?

The zigbee part / gateway function of the Xiaomi Air Conditioning Companion isn’t supported by Home Assistant (xiaomi_aqara component) right now. The MiHome app provides a key for a local network protocol since december 2017 but the API specifications are unknown so far.

The custom component just provides a climate device to control a attached air conditioner by infrared.

So there is any solution! So I have to wait!
Thanks for the information