Xiaomi Control Hub and Xiaomi Bluetooth temperature sensors ? Can they fw info to HA through hub?


I had an idea that Xiaomi Control Hub can pair with Xiaomi BT temp. sesors and relay info to HA.
The more i try to make it work, more it looks my idea was not going to be.

So, please, can someone confirm if Control Hub v1 (which i succesfully integrated in HA -> can play audio on it, if that is sign it works) can somehow pair with those round-nice-white-with-lcd-sensors and forward info to HA ?

I really hoped, and I’m almost certain i read somewhere this is possible, but whatever i tried, i cant make it work.

All those Xiaomi devices are perfectly paired with Mi Home app on android…

Thanks, but that is not what i had in mind.

I would like to see Mi Hub act as BLE tracker.

I use old NUC for HA and it doesn’t have Bluetooth.
I can add USB BT to that one, but not what i had in mind.

I bought Xiaomi hub thinking it will do the BLE tracking job, stupid me obviously :slight_smile:

Quoted part:
Supported Devices:

Temperature and Humidity Sensor (1st and 2nd generation)

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So, previous gateways didnt have Bluetoth so were perfectly UNcapable to work with Bluetooth sensors.

But, few months ago Xiaomi released new gateway and called it

It is Homekit compatible so out of the box should be easily integrated into HA. I solved my problems with ESP32 but if this was avaliable few months ago i guess i would snatch one from China and give it a try.
If someone wants to go nice and easy route i guess this is way to go.

Update on this.
With appropriate firmware Xiaomi Gateway 3 can be successfully integrated into HA and act as Bluetooth and Zigbee gateway.
Even better, not sure how, they form Bluetooth mesh so only one gateway is enough where i previously had to use two ESP32.
It looks much better than two caseless ESP32 so it was easy decision to switch.

If it can change IKEA Tradfri Zigbee gateway than it will be even better, one less device in house

Update on update.
Back to ESP32!!! :smiley:

Refresh rate of Xiaomi gateway is rubish, sometimes 5 minutes sometimes 30min, pretty much useless!
ESP32’s are refreshing in seconds, 15seconds most so are much more usable.

Pitty, had big hopes for Xiaomi… maybe someone will improve it.