Xiaomi Cube in Logbook: fired event '7000'

I use the deconz addon&integration and I have a Xiaomi Cube.
Since version 2021.2 there is the feature: “The deCONZ integration added support for logging basic event in the logbook.” but now I have a lot of MyCube fired event '7000'. messages in my log.
Is there a way to exclude these? As the cube does not have an entity id I don’t know how to exclude it.

Does no one have an idea how to solve this?

Same here.

I’m using IKEA Tradfri Remote Controller (5 switches) and On/Off Dim Buttons.
As with the Cube, they do not appear as Switch - Entities (only the batterylevel as a sensor entity)

After pressing a button ( & deconz_event is fired) following apperas in logbook:

→ tradfri_RC1 ‘Short press’ event for ‘Dim up’ was fired.

Seems that deConz Integration does this, because how could HA know that this button press is a ‘short press’ event?

I tried to exclude in recorder.yaml and logbook.yaml like this:

- deconz_event
- event

No success. I do not know if ‘deconz_event’ can be seen as a ‘domain’.
Since there are no entities, it is not possible to exclude them.

The only configuration in deConz Integration are these hidden/not used options:

  • dbg_info
  • dbg_aps
  • dbg_otau
  • dbg_zcl
  • dbg_zdp

which are set to 0 (zero)
Couldn’t find any documentation so far, which levels can be used for what reason.

May be some others Users of Xiaomi or Tradfri Devices has an idea and can help?

HA: core-2021.4.6
deConz: 6.8.0