Xiaomi Cube stopped working

Hi All

Automations with my Xiaomi Cube have stopped working with 83.0, i;ve just updated to 83.1. and the same problem. Other devices connected to the hub appear to be working. The cube shows within HA and appears to be picking up the different gestures but the automatons dont run.


@Josh_Bruce Breaking change for Xiaomi in release notes.

Prefix all xiaomi_aqara events with “xiaomi_aqara”. Please update your automations: motion -> xiaomi_aqara.motion , click -> xiaomi_aqara.click , cube_action -> xiaomi_aqara.cube_action (@syssi - #17354) (binary_sensor.xiaomi_aqara docs) (breaking change)

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Thank you. I just found this on breaking changes after I made this post. Always the way.

Thanks for your help anyway.

Thank you!
I missed this breaking change and wondering why my automations doesn’t work.