Xiaomi Ecosystem, Yeelights & Google Home (IFTTT)

Current situation is Yeelights need to be set to Singapore for it to work with Google Home but the problem with this is the remainder of Xiaomi ecosystem (Gateway, Sensors, Switches) need to be set to Mainland China; as they are not in the same server, Yeelights is not being recognised by the Gateway. If Yeelights are set to Mainland China, then the whole Xiaomi ecosystem will work but IFTTT won’t, hence Google Home won’t work with Yeelights.

I was made aware with the help of Home Assistant, I will be able to put Google Home (via IFTTT) into integration with Xiaomi Ecosystem (Gateway, Sensor & Yeelights). So in a nutshell, both Yeelights & all Xiaomi Ecosystem can be set to Mainland China server but IFTTT still work.

Is this information accurate?

If so, what do I need to do in Home Assistant to make this into reality? Xiaomi Ecosystem works hand-in-hand with IFTTT, Stringify & Google Home will be a good one.

Look forward hearing from you. TIA!

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Make everything local. I cut the Internet for gateway vacuum and the rest. U don’t need internet to communicate with the lamps.this is directly managed by the xiaomi component

I personally dunno why using cloud services if u can host all of this local

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Ahhh , okay … so you set them up as to local to your country (i.e. Australia in my case).

Apology if this may come across as dumb question, but what do I need to do in Home Assistant to achieve my objective?


  1. All Xiaomi to talk to each other (Gateway, Vacuum, Switches, Sensors, IP Cameras, Yeelights etc).
  2. Google Home to talk to all those Xiaomi devices.

Nah man he means your local network.

Set them up however you want, so long as you add them to Home Assistant they’ll work.

I don’t even touch the Xiaomi app after initial setup because HA handles them from that point on.

Edit: you don’t need to use IFTTT
Even the Google home already has a YeeLight app for it under Home Control…

@CountParadox i see … thank you.

I haven’t got my Raspberry Pi 3 (still on order) but keen to understand what (and how) I can set them up properly to achieve my objectives.

So basically (since I come from IFTTT), you create those recipes ‘Say Phrase’ (Hey Google, Dim the Light in Living Room) inside the Home Assistant itself?

If I understand this correctly, you still do the initial setup from Mi app but then afterwards HA handles them onward?

My setup is the following

Gateway, wireless switch and motion sensor all setup in mi app then never used again. Added gateway to ha and all the components come over. Set my yeelight up in the yeelight app as it supports US. Added to ha never used the app again.

Present items to my homecontrol on google account using directions from google assitant component.

Now I can use my google homes to turn the gateway light and my yeelight on and off and change colors. For any sequences I have automations in Ha. Ie when my motion sensor senses movement in the morning it turns on the light.

I do have my yeelight presented to google via their native app and via ha with different names and runs for future plans.

You can present components to your homecontrol tab off google home app then use shortcuts to string items
Example. I have lights from ha in a room called downstairslights. Then I have a google home shortcut that when I say going upstairs google tuens off all the lights in downstairslights and stops the media player.

Interesting! I purchased some WiFi switches and had to select mainland china as well and I have Yeelights which need singapore.

I use the Yeelight App and can control the Lights and I use Mihome (?) to control the switches)

Now I stopped using IFTTT when the Google Assistant Integration came along and I find I can control my Yeelights just fine - no problem at all. I can’t control the switches as nothing is supported in Home Assistant for the WiFi switches. But I can control the switches with the app and I use one for my HA Pi so I can fix HA if I am out and it crashes.

I actually hide the Yeelights from the Google Assistant as they are supported natively as you said - but I can still control them in scenes I have defined in Home Assistant and no conflicts.

Yes I have have it presented via both as I have them assigned to different rooms so I can make google do different things based on rooms. Just my lazy way to trick google into doing what I want :slight_smile:

Just an update here - using the Yeelights App I can control the Yeelights via HA and also Google Home, set to Singapore.
Found a way to configure the switches as well (even though they are set to Mainland China) So as I can control those in HA, I can expose them to Google and I can control them by Google Home as well.
The Yeelights have direct support in GH so I hide them (so they don’t double up)

not completely. See above. I did a step-by-step guide with screenshots here if that is any help.