Xiaomi EU smart plug

Hi, i have a Xiaomi Smart Plu, European version, that wasn’t detected by HA.
Anyone knows how to configurate it?


what model? you have a link?

You would need either a Xiaomi hub and integrate that or Zigbee2Mqtt stick (or any other zigbee stick). I use the last one with the xiaomi plugs without any issues.

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Xiaomi ZNCZ05CM

@Piggyback it’s wifi, not zigbee

Ok sorry. Wasn’t even aware they made WiFi ones!

Got one on the way too, did you manage to get it working?

Yes. I’ve used the following code:

  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    host: ip of the equipment
    token: your equipment token

If you have difficulty in obtaining the token, please inform me and i will help

Hey Marcos!

Maybe you can also help Vitor in this thread over there :slight_smile:

Thanks. Asked Marco for help, lets see…

Very friendly of you. It’s gonna talk a while till I get it delivered, but at least I know thanks to you I’m gonna be able to use it in HA.

Has anyone managed to configure it ?

I’m having a hard time obtaining the token. I have the model ZNCZ05CM and connected it successfully to the Mi Home app. I wasn’t able to get into the developer mode. Any tips?

Well…let’s see if i remember all the steps.
1-Download this version of the mi home app (possibly in other phone or tablet)

2-Install EX file explorer file manager

3-Enter EX file explorer and in the root, create the folders “/vevs/logs”

4-Enter this new MiHome app, sign in, and choose “Chinese Mainland”

5-After you enter and see all your devices, close the app and return to the EX file explorer, to the folder “logs”. There should be a file named “Devices.txt”. Enter and ther you can find all the tokens of your devices.

6-Then in configuration.yaml, use this:

# Example configuration.yaml entries
  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    host:  (your device's IP Address)
    token: b253cb89d2??????????4a049ebe2634 ( your token)

Thank you very much for your quick answer !! It finally works :grinning: The part with EX file explorer can be skipped since the IP & token can be read out through the app when set to china.

J’ai mes périphériques sur serveur FR. Est-ce que cela peut fonctionner ou sinon y a t’il une autre solution?

Hi, do you remember where in the app I can find IP & token?

It is in the additional settings-network info. If it does not show, download the Russian Xiaomi Home app, it can read out the tokens even for EU devices.

Well, I don’t have an EU version of the smart plug, but an older Chinese wifi version, which is called chuangmi.plug.v3 in the xiaomi_miio documentation.

What I have done is that I have added this into my configuration.yaml:

  - platform: xiaomi_miio
    token: 61b**********************f51fc

but when restarting home assistant I get an log error that it is not supported;

The xiaomi_miio platform for the switch integration does not support platform setup. Please remove it from your config.

Maybe I am missing some release note or something that this is not supported any longer…?


i have the same problem, manual configuration doesnt work