Xiaomi gateway and conbee


I have a synology with a conbee stick. Deconz and homeassistant both run in docker on the NAS. I have connected a few Xiaomi sensors. This works great. Unfortunately, I keep losing connection with the sensors on the first floor. So I want to extend the zigbee connection. I have a Xiaomi gateway. Would this work? If so, do I need to configure something?


As far as I know the conbee can not use the xiaomi hub as an extender. I actually don’t know if it is even possible to do that (even with other hardware) as there is no pairing method. But well who knows if someone knows more. But to my knowledge this is currently not possible.

Doubt it’s possible since the Xiaomi gateway is a Zigbee Coordinator and not a router. Without a pairing function you cannot get it in your Conbee network.

For this you’re better off with a different device such as a Tradfri Bulb, a on/off socket or the Tradfri Repeater. They are all pretty inexpensive (compared to stuff like Hue) and should extend your network.

However I noticed that (most of) the Xiaomi sensors in my network seem to take the direct route to the Zigbee stick rather than hopping through one of my powered Zigbee devices.

I have a conbee 2 stick working with deconz. I have loads of hue and tradfri lights dotted around the house and they are all paired to the conbee in a typical zigbee mesh.

I recently paired a xiaomi motion sensor directly to the conbee and then moved it to the other side of the house, until it lost the connection. The Xiaomi firmware does not automatically direct the sensor to choose a new parent, so it will remain disconnected. To force the sensor to choose a new parent you search for a new light in phoscon (the deconz UI) and then short press the pair button the side of the Xiaomi sensor. After a while the motion sensor pops back up on the network and I can confirm by viewing the mesh map that it has connected to one of the lights closest to it. It’s been pretty reliable the last few days.

You will need the latest conbee 2 firmware though.

Thanks. I will try the OSRAM Smart plug, which is supported by Deconz.