Xiaomi Gateway (Aqara) and DGNWG02LM lumi.gateway.v3

Hi guys, I have been reading for a couple of days but only for the Gateway 3 it seems to be there is a solution. Is there any hope for activating LAN access for the DGNWG02LM? I cannot find a way to integrate my door sensors into HA. I tried Xiaomi Miot but it gives ma a lot of strange false events and I understand polling it not the best option for binary sensors.

Currently the gatway is running 1.4.1_176

So the solution: You do not need to downgrade. Just open 3 screws, solder 3 wires and send 1 command to the gateway to open the LAN port. I bought a cheap CP2102 USB to UART adapter and used putty.

Speed 115200.

First you need an (old) android phone to side load an old version of the Xiaomi home app, I used Version 5.1.37

There you also see the password which you need later for home assistant.

Send the command a couple of times just to make sure

1 psm-set network.open_pf 3

Just do NOT hard reset the gateway or it will close the port again.

You can then test the port if you want, on linux (fedora)

sudo nmap -sU -p9898

Spanish manual: Integrar gateway V3 de Xiaomi en Home Assistant - Domology 2.0


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looks interesting. that will be my next project. Let’s see where I can get the old Android version.

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I use an old fire tablet for this. Should be available for 10€ somewhere

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