Xiaomi Gateway custom ringtones not working?

Hi guys,

Can’t seem to get any custom ringtones to play, is this a known issue at the moment?


- id: alarm pending sound
  alias: Alarm pending sound
    platform: state
    entity_id: alarm_control_panel.ha_alarm
    to: 'pending'  
    - service: xiaomi_aqara.play_ringtone
        gw_mac: 12345678
        ringtone_id: 10001
        ringtone_vol: 30     

Works just fine with the stock ringtones and according to the documentation custom ones start at 10001. Ringtone plays fine through Mihome app. Have tried uploading a direct file and recording a playback through speakers, same issue with both. Firmware is above the required version. I have rebooted HA and the gateway.

Have I missed something obvious here?


There is some strange behavior going on with the ringtone ID’s. If you upload your first custom tone, it is ID 10001. If you then delete this tone, 10001 is never used again. The 2nd one you upload is 10002, even after deleting your original custom tone. If you then delete this one, the next will be 10003 even if its the only one and so on and so forth.

I assume these reset if you factory reset the gateway but I have sensors placed that I don’t want to remove to test this and have to re-sync.

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Thank you!!