Xiaomi Gateway custom ringtones still works?

Hello people. Many days I was thinking to complete my project with Xiaomi Aqara and play custom ringtones for different alarm states. First I was think this is iOS problem what I can’t find any way to upload custom ringtones and today I was buy cheap android phone to discover how I can upload these ringtones. But also no any luck to find how it be possible. Is it still possible? And how many ringtones you can upload?

Hi @hotmatter

I found the same issue today when I needed to upload new tones to my Xiaomi Gateway. On the Android App the option used to be in [Hub name] -> Device (tab) -> [Hub name] -> Ringtone Settings.

For some unknown reason, Xiaomi seems to have removed the feature from the MiHome App.

I did find a workaround. I downloaded an older version (5.0.19) from APKMirror and it seems to work fine even after a gateway firmware update (1.4.1_154.0143). Uploading custom tones works fine for now but this might change in the future if Xiaomi decides to remove innaccessble features from the firmware.

This is the general downside to using proprietary devices, as developers we have no control. I going to start testing the deCONZ open ZigBee gateway soon in an attempt to be rid of the Xiaomi gateway.


Newest version of Mi Home haven’t the feature in Gateway settings to add custom ringtones
Did you found a solution to add new custom ringtones?

Any news on this?

Adding custom ringtones in the new MI Home app is pretty well hidden. I have the latest version and here is how you can do it…

  1. Go to the Gateway device ‘MI Control Hub’
  2. Click on Auto at the top
  3. Click on Doorbell
  4. Click on Doorbell tone

You should see (+) Add ringtone at the bottom

Select that to upload an mp3 (music) or a recording.

Remember the custom number keeps going up even if you deleted a recording from the gateway. So it might be 10001 or more. I haven’t found a way yet to see what the number is, so I just test it until I find the sound played matches the custom number.

EDIT: Click and hold to be prompted to delete recordings, when you are at step 4.


Thanks Chris,

Been looking for this for quite some time and did even downgrade to an older version, in order to manage it.

  • id: ring front door
    alias: ring front door
    platform: event
    event_type: xiaomi_aqara.click
    entity_id: binary_sensor.wall_switch_158d0xxxxxx
    click_type: single
    • data:
      gw_mac: 7811DCFxxxxxx
      ringtone_id: 11
      ringtone_vol: 8
      service: xiaomi_aqara.play_ringtone

how to set \ change ringtone_id to my mp3 file? from /local/mp3/test.mp3

However for some reason the mp3 upload fails. And there is no clue as to why.
I tried different bitrates, but result is the same. Has anyone else faced this issue?
FW version: 1.4.1_175.0220
Mi GW android app version: 5.6.60

After hours of trying, I finally managed to do this with recording option. Mp3 uploads are not working for some reason.

It work. Wonderful! Thank you very much.

Hi Chris this didn’t work for me - I couldn’t find it in the Aqara Mi Home app for iOS.

Am I missing something for custom ringtones/alerts?


Aqara device? Maybe it’s don’t support, i think only support original Hub

have that issue as well, even 4 months later. recordings with the phone mic sound so crappy though. You can put your mic directly in front of the speaker and they’ll be sort of decent…

That Xiaomi app is a mess…even the search function for the mp3 file didn’t find my song and also improperly sorted my library. So I had to browse that entire thing for like 10 minutes until I found it just to find out you can’t upload it anyway for some reason.

This method works with app https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/xiaomi-inc/mihome/mihome-5-4-50-release/mi-home-5-4-50-android-apk-download/

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Nice work and with the older app the files could be uploaded. I now can play them via the MiHome app, but not via Home Assistant. Tried with multiple gateways as I have 3 which did not have the custom sounds and all 3 have the new sounds uploaded, but not playable via HA. Tried the complete range of 10001 till 10010. Testing with ID 10 on any of the gateways plays the pre-set sound by Xiaomi. My gateways are all running version 1.4.1_175.0220
All tips are welcome.

Tip for the uploading of the files with the Android (old) version is to reboot the tablet and try again. In my case about 3 mp3 files uploaded slowly but without a problem and the 4th needed a reboot of the tablet. Than again 3 or 4 files and again a reboot.

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I couldn’t upload new custom ringtones via app. App gave me a message that I had too many and had to delete some first, but gave me the same error after doing this. Downloading an old version of the app did the trick.

Funny thing is I’m using recordings of my voice on the Xiaomi hub to ask the Google Home next to it to turn on/off DND mode on all of my devices:)