Xiaomi Gateway files PSM

I am facing the lack of psm-set and psm-get commands on the Xiaomi gateway (DGNWG05LM FW: 3.4.6_132)
This prevents me to open port 9998 as explained here
Could anybody send me the psm-set and psm-get command files and any related files if any?
This would let me try to go further.
You could send them to [email protected].

Thanks in advance.

Anybody to share those 2 files ?

Really ! No help ?

I am still in need of the psm-set and psm-get files.

Any provider is really welcome.

I’m in the same boat. Did you have any luck?

I have not got any answer.
I don’t know if the readers don’t understand the request or if they don’t care.
I am assuming that it should be possible to copy the files from the gateway to a PC and send them by mail.