Xiaomi Gateway Firmware 1.4.1_176.0220 need the key


i updated the Xiaomi Gatway. The Firmware is now 1.4.1_176_0220. Now it has a new look.

I need the key for Home Assistant, but can not find the “About” for activating the developement mode.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you.


I have the same problem. Does anybody know how to solve it?

Same problem, do you found a solution?

Download the old version of the application and do whatever is necessary

Did it work yesterday for me

If you need a device token and its ip, put this select the device and click change the name


Has anyone succeeded in enabling LAN access (or Wireless Communication Protocol) for Xiaomi Hub/Gateway in the v5.4 app with Gateway firmware 1.4.1_176.0220?
I get a ‘Operation failed. Check your network’ error.
It looks like Xiaomi/LUMI has shutdown the local API.

can’t explain, but my gateways have become reachable from HomeAssistan again overnight.
to be certain they don’t ever update firmware again, I’ve blocked them in the firewall.

Thanks for this! This resolved my problem!

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