Xiaomi Gateway Integration

I don’t think so (unless I missed sth in this thread) but it’s just a matter of time.

I’m about to order some as well…

I wrote the support a few days ago. The sensor will be part of HA 0.53:


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Awesome… I missed that for sure. A reason more to order asap.

If I have a Zigbee usb stick, do I need xiaomi hub or I can use only the sensors?

you need a hub. Well worth it as I didn’t want yet another hub, but they just plug into a power socket - bosh done :slight_smile:

There is no plug and play solution for zigbee sticks. Depending on your hardware this would be the difficult route: ConBee ZigBee Stick and HA, will this work together?

I have a VLAN sub interface in HASS server, gateway in the VLAN, but discovery always failed, HASS is 0.53. Put gateway out of VLAN, no any problem.


  discovery_retry: 5
  interface: ""
   - sid:
     key: 236***6FB

tcpdump -A udp port 4321 or udp port 9898

21:41:35.805844 IP > UDP, length 134
UUD...2..&[email protected]{"cmd":"heartbeat","model":"gateway","sid":"34ce***55ec","short_id":"0","token":"Vq8b***3CIc","data":"{\"ip\":\"\"}"}

any idea to fix this?

Does your VLAN support multicast traffic? :wink: How did you configure the VLAN? Which devices are involved?

hi, the tcpdump result can explain multicast support? or can you provide a reliable method to test it?

vlan config:

auto ens160.50
iface ens160.50 inet static
    vlan-raw-device ens160

the device is xiaomi gateway(lumi.gateway.v3)


Can you tell me the name of the other VLAN-aware device(s) in your network? Did you tag the port of your accesspoint properly?

What type of power adapter are you using? I’m having trouble finding a power adapter for my Xiaomi Gateway for a US outlet.

After upgrading to HA 0.53 click and double click don’t seem to work any more with the button (1st gen.). Long press works. The MI app shows the action but HA don’t resond to it. Is this a known issue?

It’s Linux VM runs in ESXi, Cisco WLC and Switch, AP vlan tag properly, other things work like expected.

Are your automations turned on? There was no code change. My wireless buttons are working fine with 0.53.

just upgraded to HA 0.53 I can confirm all work as before the upgrade

I have no idea in that case. For both applications (home assistant and the xiaomi gateway) the VLAN tagging should be transparent.

hmm, is there any other method like mdns to replace multicast to discovery?

Not implemented yet, no.

Problem solved, it was a problem with my configuration. Did too many things at the same time… Thanks for the the help.

I manage to get mi home working but i can´t use gateway light or wall plug but they apeared on home assistant