Xiaomi Gateway no Longer connecting on latest firmware - "Invalid Config"

1.4.1_167.0158 is working here. Although it had to be hacked as stated in previous posts.

I tried the UART connection but somehow I can’t seem to get in.
I have a round hub with fw version 1.4.1_167

Using this cable: https://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/DataSheets/Cables/DS_TTL-232R_CABLES.pdf > TTL-232R-3V3 which I’ve had laying around for serial connection to my Beaglebone Black. Is this not the correct cable?

Connecting with “screen -L /dev/cu.usbserial-A603LDNK” and I see nothing. Nor with “screen -L /dev/tty.usbserial-A603LDNK 115200”

I do as the instructions say, connect TX and GND, and wait until I see connection in the app (eg change color) to connect RX. I noticed that when TX or RX are connected when the hub powers on, it doesn’t seem to want to boot at all.

Can anyone confirm with the the following photos, the connection points are OK?

Any ideas?

Edit: Got it work, UART TX goes to Hub RX and vice versa of course, silly me!

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Sorry, i tried everything like the instructions, i can see the messages in putty, but i can NOT send the command… I dont know how to do that… Can you please explain. Thx.

Have you tried hit Enter few times to have a hash at the beginning? And then start typing your commands.

I have recieved Xiaomi Gateway from Aliexpress and unfortunatelly had the same issues with connecting it to HA.

My MAC wasn’t in the list - in fact it starts with 28:6C:07 - but the port 9898 was closed, so this thread was very useful for me to get it working.

I was first unlucky with soldering the TX connector and accidentally tear the metal contact off the gateway board - it wasn’t very hard to do that in fact. So I did appreciate to find another step by step approach on russian blog, which shows another point on the board, where you can alternatively solder TX, RX and GND.

In fact there are much more detailed instructions for beginner like me.

And connecting TX from gateway to RX on UART and vice versa is a really good to point out.