Xiaomi Gateway version

I have been reading alot about Xiaomi Gateway, and it seems like older gateway is not working with HASS.IO.
I want to order the kit from Aliexpress, but just want to make shure it will work with HASSIO before I order.
Can anyone confirm if this is the correct version of Xiaomi that works with HA? https://goo.gl/j1Jt5q
Bundle 2 is the one I wish to order, it seems like a good deal.
Also, I have switched from Hassbian to HASSIO, will this gateway work with HASSIO?

It is almost certain to be the V2 gateway.
The main reasons I say this are:

  1. The old version has been out of the channel for a long time now
  2. the GW you linked has the “smiley M” logo but the old version had a “Mi” letters logo
  3. The description mentions “radio”, which is only on V2 gw

Online radio, 16 millions variable colors night light.

will this gateway work with HASSIO

Yes, I am running Xiaomi with hassio.

Thanks for such a fast replay!
Well, I’m ordering it then. :slight_smile: