Xiaomi Gateway Zigbee Channel


I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue where all my Xiaomi devices go offline and no longer talk to HA. Checking the Mi Home app shows that they are offline, i’m able to turn the gateway light on and off but assuming that is just using wifi.

Rebooting my Google Wifi APs and waiting for few minutes seems to get the Xiaomi zigbee devices back online.

Does anyone know what channel the Xiaomi gateway channel uses ?

Experienced the same thing right now after a year of flawless operation. Installed Google Wifi a few days ago and all of a sudden all my Xiaomi things where offline. I believe some actions were recorded. Like random button presses but the devices were offline in the app. Gateway seems to have worked all the time, and I think I even listened to some chinese radio. So, something in-between Google Wifi and Xiaomi is not playing nicely.

I don’t allow xiaomi to talk to Tue Internet and everything works fine

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Are you using Google Wifi @thundergreen? How have you stopped the internet access?

I block internet access through my asus router. easier than thought :slight_smile: Also my Robot.

Zigbee and Wifi both use the 2.4 GHz band so there might be some interfere. I don’t think there is a possibility to select the Zigbee channel but usually you can change the WiFi channel in your router.