Xiaomi hub: Are there two versions?

I have configured in HA a Xioami hub just arrived from Aliexpress.
I didn’t found any error in the log.
In HA in the current entities I found a new “light.gateway_light_”.
So I suppose all went right but I have a doubt.
Are there two versione of the gateway?
I bought this one:
but I see also this one:
that looks a little bit different and brings the Apple HomeKit icon.
Is there any difference?
Then I cannot change the voice language to English.
Is there something I miss?

Thank You


Yes, the 1st one works better with HA, although mine keeps losing wifi so have ordered a zigbee sniffer

What difference is there?

@ady8077 Did you menage to switch the voice in English on your hub?

I bought the Hub because of the poor range of the zigbee2mqtt…

No, hub is chinese , and I hope to solve zigbee range by adding an ikea plug, and I think the Aqara hub has less compatible devices, because its all homekit, there is an Aqara chat on reddit

Does the chinese hub work? I can’t seem to get mine working with hass.io. I’ve been wondering if it is because it is the chinese version? Anybody have that working on theirs?

Mine is chinese and is working perfectly fine. It is a xiaomi lumi gateway version 3.

Note: the Aqara hub does NOT work. This is basically the newest version of their mi hub.

Sorry, what’s the difference between the lumi and aqara? and why doesn’t the aqara work? The docs say the Xiaomi Gateway is aqara. What are the docs referencing then?

The lumi variants are the standard xiaomi gateways (before the aqara version came out).

The docs say aqara, because most of the aqara products will work.

In my case I have a xiaomi hub version 3 (they call it lumi gateway), though the version 2 will work as well with HA. But I have aqara door/window sensors. They work fine.

It is pretty confusing tbh and I understand why you would ask. I just had the luck that the aqara gateway did not exist when I bought it.

In the docs you can find supported and unsupported devices. It is the latter that matters.

I hope this helps.

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ok, thanks for clearing that up.