Xiaomi Hub with other Zigbee devices

Can you use the Xiaomi Hub with other Zigbee based devices?

I’m looking at getting a Xiaomi smart hub to be able to plug in some temp, PIR, door sensors and switches into my Home Assistant setup. And in addition looking to add some extra Zigbee lights like the 980lm IKEA TRÅDFRI lights.

Just wondering if it’s possible to mix and match from different suppliers.

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I am researching this now and it doesn’t appear to be the case. With the Xiaomi app it will only allow you to pair one of their devices. I am continuing to look into this and will report back here if I find anything.

don’t forget you can use HA to initiate pairing, or use the button on the hub itself (press 3 times in something like 5 seconds. don’t press any more than that - it may cause a factory reset - lol)