Xiaomi Lumia Smart Human Body Sensor RTCGQ01LM - events to listen?


Received these very small, very unobtrusive battery-powered PIR sensors this evening, and quickly paired two of them with the iPhone app and my Aqara Gateway. I’m guessing they should appear as binary_sensor entities, but what events do they fire? Is it just a state change from on to off and back again?

I forgot to mention, it paired easily with the gateway, but no new entities ever showed up anywhere in Home Assistant.

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions!

Yes the state changes to on as soon as motion is detected, and off if no motion after 60s. They do have a built in timer that reports as an attribute that I use for a timer.

No motion since: 300

I had no issue with them showing up in HA. What hub are you using? Does it have a light on it? Do you have an illumination sensor from the hub as a registered entity?

Thank you @trevor1 for that response. Happy Cake Day, sir. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to double-check my gateway and see precisely which version it may be.
It does have a light and an illumination sensor :slight_smile:

light.gateway_light_442371234567        off
sensor.illumination_442371234567        18

And, now since they’ve been reporting in overnight, the sensors finally appeared :slight_smile:


No motion since: 120
voltage: 3.02
battery_level: 45
friendly_name: Motion Sensor_158d001234567
device_class: motion

Now all I have to do is identify which hex ID corresponds to which location, and update the ‘friendly_name’ values for these

Perfect. Sounds like you are on your way.