Xiaomi LYWSD03MMC BLE Temperature and Humidity Display

I recently purchased one of these very cheap displays.
I hoped to pick up the readings in my Home Assistant. After some digging, I found that someone had managed to interface a Raspberry PI to it. From there it was plain sailing.
You can find my code and instructions on GitHub here https://github.com/AnthonyKNorman/Xiaomi_BLE_Tempertaure_Display_for_HA


but how to use in Hassio. there is not
systemd so you cant start a service like:

sudo systemctl enable blemqtt

I run it on a separate Raspberry Pi Zero W.

I don’t see support for this model in openmqttgateway? Can you provide a link?

This is great - many thanks. It worked first time.

If anyone is trying to use it with Openhab, here are the entries from my .items file that use the MQTT interface.

Number	Utility_Room_TempHumBLE_Sensor_Temperature 		"Utility Room BLE_Sensor:Temperature [%.1f C]"		<temperature> (gIndoorTemps,gTemp,Temperature,gTemperature,gHistory)	[ "Current Temperature" ]
{mqtt="<[mysensorsMQTT:blemqtt/sensor01:state:JSONPATH($.temperature)]" }
Number	Utility_Room_TempHumBLE_Sensor_Humidity 		"Utility Room BLE_Sensor:Humidity [%.1f C]"		<humidity>	(gUtilityRoom,gIndoorHumidity,Humidity,gHistory)	[ "Current Humidity" ]
{mqtt="<[mysensorsMQTT:blemqtt/sensor01:state:JSONPATH($.humidity)]" }

Any chance of extending the script to support multiple sensors?..

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I wish it can be directly integrated with home assistant core integrations as BLE present on Raspberry PI 3B+ and above.

It’s integrated with HACS Xiaomi BLE integration. Just read docs for it.

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Thanks @Szaman

I have now amended the scripts to support multiple sensors.

Great solution, but how to connect to mqtt with user and password?

If you have a look in the closed issues on github this has already been resolved. At some point I will add it to the parameters.

Thanks! I always forgetting about closed issues :man_facepalming: