Xiaomi Mi LED Ceiling Lights via Yeelight are not very stable (they keep disconnecting)

So I’ve got the following Xiaomi Mi LED Ceiling Lights model “mjxdd01yl”:

I’ve not been able to add them via the Xiaomi Home Assistant integration, when I logged it it only showed my air purifier.

So they only way I managed to add them was to download version 3.0.06 of Yeelight for Android and enable LAN control.

However the lights are not stable at all. It keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, take a look at the Office Ceiling Light:

Any idea what I can do to make it more stable?

Have you given it a static IP address in your router? That is best practice for all your devices.

Yeah all the lights are on static IP’s. Also lease time is set to a year.


Wifi signal strengtht issues due to the light fitting?

Try this: