Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug - overheating warning from Mi Home App

I bought 4 Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug Model ZNCZ03CM about a month ago and I started configuring them today.

I used details in this thread to get the tokens and set them up in Home Assistant successfully.

Initially the 2nd plug was showing up in Home Assistant and I could control it without an issue. When I looked in the Mi Home App, it is throwing an overheating error.

After time, the 2nd plug is not connecting to Home Assistant any longer.

I also setup the plugs in Google Home to see if I can control them through the and see if there is an error thrown there, but there are no issues with the control.

So 2 questions.

  1. Is there a way to see if there are any errors in Home Assistant? (Sorry if this is already documetned, I’m a bit of a new user here.)
  2. Do you trust Xiaomi plugs?