Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Hi guys,

The smart speaker from Xiaomi is very affordable and apparently a good alternative to the “original” Sonos speaker.

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Do you have experience with it, whether it is compatible with Home Assistant as a media player?
I’m just looking for a simple wireless speaker for voice output.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Good afternoon,
I have the same doubt, if Mi Smart Speaker is compatible with Home Asssitant.

I’m looking for a speaker to play spotify and radio in my room.

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Mine works great with HA


would you mind explaining? Because the speaker is neither automatically recognized nor can be found in the devices to add…


I see mine after I added it via the Google home app

Which model are we talking about?

Mine is a “ Xiaomi Smart Speaker 12W - Google Assistant - chromecast - WiFi - Bluetooth 4.2”

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but this one is only recognised as a speaker/media player, not a speaker/mic i/o device

how is the development on this… is it also compatible with the voice assistant

I’m stuck because this speaker doesn’t integer in the Mi Home app so that you can get the token and I’m not good enough in dev to be able to do something with the reverse engineering integration.